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When you just need answers

Connecting you with spirit to find relief, clarity and direction in your life.

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When life feels overwhelming, it can seem impossible to put one foot in front of the other.

The loss of a loved one, the struggle with career unhappiness, or a major life change can be devastating. Wondering if you’ll find connection, success or a way out of the pain you’re experiencing can leave you reeling and off-balance. It can keep you stuck in an endless cycle of negative thoughts and behaviours that don’t give you the permission or relief you need to move forward.

We can help you move forward

Medium | Medical Intuitive | Psychic

When you just need answers

$200 USD



Best for repeat clients who know what they need and are ready to get right into the session.

$300 USD



1-hr allows us to hear what’s in your way & relay messages to help you move you forward.

$400 USD



When you need a little more time to connect, and resolve some of the bigger questions.

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Great ladies! Very professional, easy and respectful. I would definitely come back to see these ladies in action again!

Kaitlyn G.

I had a great experience! Very happy [my husband’s] Dad came through. I think he will be booking a session in the near future.

Dana F.

Kelly, I just want to thank you for our session today! It felt like I did a year of therapy! I'm going to rebook in a month! My sister did a session with you right after me and I'm seeing a whole new woman right now! My eyes fill with tears just knowing that because it's beautiful! And it's because of you! And her guides of course! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Some of the most powerful transformational conversations I’ve ever had were with Karen.

P. Tremblay

I wanted to say how amazing I felt after our session today. You were so professional, kind & caring, relaying messages from my mom and dad, validating everything they said, things no one would ever know but me, asking if I had questions. You made today a very good day. Karen, [is a] a very special lady and I will call [her] again . To [her] and my spirit guides, thank you for the tools you gave me as well!

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We believe connection is the foundation of life.  

We understand the pain of feeling lost, confused, or unsure of where to turn when you need answers.  

Our intuitive gifts have helped over 10,000 clients understand what’s blocking them and how to move forward. Through medium, medical intuitive and psychic modalities, we provide unfiltered, non-judgemental guidance for people struggling with pain, grief, or indecision.

When you’re ready to find relief, clarity or direction in your life,  book a session and we will help you connect.

If you’re looking for more tools to build your emotional and intuitive intelligence, check out our free podcast, Coffee with the Sarlos, or our membership options including: Sips of Sanity, and the Sarlo Book Club!

When you need answers, we're here to guide you.

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You can expect a thorough consent process so you feel safe & respected during your session. You can expect the guides to jam-pack your time with non-judgemental messages & tools to help you move forward. We will do several check-ins with you to make sure your needs are being met & will debrief you before the session is over.

No. We have clients all over the world whose sessions are accurate. Our relationship with the spirit world is what creates accuracy for you, not where you are located.

No problem! You can relax & let your guides direct the session for you. If you think of questions as we go, you can ask.

Technically, no. Group sessions are available & fees are charged per person. Please contact us directly to book group sessions. Accommodations are made for those who are hearing impaired or those requiring a translator.

Yes – you can pick & choose the ones you want. It’s actually more fun that way! Consider the amount of time you are booking & how much content you want to cover.

Simple- we'll refund you.

We invite you to be in a quiet, uninterrupted space for your session. You may bring questions if you wish or allow the guides to direct it.

Karen and Kelly Sarlo with Winston

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