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Our intention is to connect to our clients.  Our goal is to provide you with another level of comfort in knowing that what we do and how we do it is done with love, respect and integrity for our own souls and yours.

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Meet Karen

The business of death has been in Karen’s family for four generations. The "McGuinty's", an established family funeral home, gave Karen an early start with becoming intimately aware of mortality. From the time she was a little girl and for decades afterward, she’s been bombarded by messages from the spirit world with the opportunity to bridge communication with loved ones grounded here on earth.  Raised in a very strict Catholic family, it was a long journey of self-discovery before Karen felt safe and ready to share her gifts. In the process of shedding many of the beliefs imposed upon her, she discovered the beautiful, fundamental belief underlying all religions and spiritual laws - love. Karen overcame personal struggles and nurtured herself into a completely different woman. She knows firsthand what it means to feel the spirit die before the body does and applies this knowledge with focus, efficiency and the utmost integrity to deliver the Universe’s messages. For more than 18 years, Karen has delivered thousands of messages from the spirit and she wastes no time reintroducing you to your own soul and the love it holds for you. Gifted, humble, and raw with truth, Karen works and speaks on behalf of the spirit world with love and honour. Whatever grief, pain or indecision you are facing, she applies the energy and love to her clients. In her spare time, Karen enjoys expressing her creativity through sketching, painting, colouring and knitting.

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Karen Sarlo
Kelly Sarlo

Psychic Medium | Medical Intuitive | Energy Healing | Life Coaching

Meet Kelly

Working in a similar style and with the same intention, Kelly also found herself intimately acquainted with death. The journey was different from Karen’s and much credit is owed to her mother for trailblazing an exciting and nurturing path. Learning the ins and outs of the spirit realm has been rewarding, healing, and inspiring. Kelly fondly recalls moving away from home to university and discovering her shared gifts with her mother.While thrilling, Kelly's path has not been without heartache. After suffering the loss of a young friend, Kelly grappled with the questions and doubts that arise in times of loss. This propelled Kelly to explore her intuitive gifts more deeply and she tested her abilities and accuracy with her mom before taking on clients of her own. With a degree in psychology under her belt, Kelly combined her academic knowledge with her intuitive gifts to help others. It's a responsibility she doesn't take lightly. Understanding the laws of the Universe and committed to welcoming each and every soul that walks through her door (living or dead), Kelly delivers your messages with strength, grace and gentleness that will put your heart at ease.When she's not channelling messages for clients or connecting with spirit, Kelly enjoys playing volleyball, reading a good book and working on knitting projects.

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Meet Parker + Winston

Parker & Winston are our furry co-workers. While not available directly for sessions, they may make an appearance, always bringing the added therapeutic benefit that only pets can.

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Winston and Parker