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We use a variety of gifts and modalities to help our clients get answers, connect and feel relief. If you're unsure about which one is right for you, that's ok! We'll work together to determine the best modality based on your goals for our session.

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Messages are relayed to you from those who have died - including family, friends, pets, and acquaintances. Through love, laughter, and the art of apology, souls are eager to help you heal and move forward in your journey here on earth.

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Medical Intuitive

This gift allows us to see inside the body, similar to a CAT scan or X-ray in order to locate pain, illness and disease. Medical intuitive information can often validate issues that the traditional medical community cannot always validate and empowers you with preventative and healthy decision-making in the future.

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The ability to see past, present and future allows you access and insight into why your life unfolds the way it does, why you are currently struggling and answers your questions about where your life is headed.

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Energy Healing

Combining multiple modalities, energy healing occurs throughout the entire session to “manage the frequency and flow within the human body and to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself."

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Medium | Medical Intuitive | Psychic

When you just need answers

$200 USD



Best for repeat clients who know what they need and are ready to get right into the session.

$300 USD



1-hr allows us to hear what’s in your way & relay messages to help you move you forward.

$400 USD



When you need a little more time to connect, and resolve some of the bigger questions.

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