Great ladies! Very professional, easy and respectful. I would definitely come back to see these ladies in action again!

Kaitlyn G.

I had a great experience! Very happy [my husband’s] Dad came through. I think he will be booking a session in the near future.

Dana F.

I went to the night with mediums event not knowing what to expect. I've had one-on-one sessions with both Karen and Kelly before, but it was my first time attending one of their events. It was one if the most exciting emotional rollercoasters of my life. Seeing people connect with their loved ones who have passed, and in some cases recieving closure and tough messages, was extremely enlightening and eye opening. Kelly and Karen both channeled each message with love and were consistently respectful by checking in and asking each person for consent. I was surprised to receive a message from my great grandfather. My dad and great grandfather have a special connection through channeling with Karen, research and riddles. I'm close with my dad, and he shares the research he's done on my great grandfather's time in WWII, so it was exciting to finally hear from someone I've grown to admire.


I want to take this opportunity to share my amazing experiences I have had over the years with the Sarlos. I have suffered many losses and tragedies in my life and Karen turned tragedy and loss into an amazing experience that helped me to understand grief in a positive way. My first experience was the loss of my father, I received amazing messages from my dad through Karen’s amazing gift, it was like being in the room with my dad and receiving affirmation that he is in a better place. My fathers sense of humour and his spirit was so clearly defined by Karen, to the point that Karen was laughing out loud just like my dad always did because he couldn’t never finish a joke without breaking down laughing before it was done. It was clear to me after the session that I didn’t need to feel so incredibly sad anymore, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I can one hundred percent guarantee that you will always receive the positive messages you need in your life no matter what you are going through. My next experience with Karen involved questions I had around my sons health. As a mom I knew there was something wrong with my son but Doctors could not figure out what it was (or didn’t care enough to help). She proceeded to figure out the cause of the problem even though my son was not present at the meeting. She discovered he had a brain tumor, as a mom that was difficult to swallow but I trusted her. I asked for a referral to a Neurologist and it was confirmed that he definatly had a tumor. IF this had gone on longer without a diagnosis my sons life would be much different now, but fortunately after 2 years of constant medical attention he is tumor free. Sometimes I hear people say they ae afraid to go see Karen or Kelly, I can honestly say this is not a fearful environment at all. They clearly communicate and ask for your approval all the time, nothing is forceful or feels uncomfortable at all. I have had many opportunities to meet with the amazing Sarlo women. I have met them in person, in a group, and most recently by phone during COVID. I was desperate to make sense of the guilt and pain I was going through after having to put down my dog. My best friend “Diesel” was the love of my life, I was absolutely devastated by his loss. I cant say enough about how Karen helped me get through the pain and guilt of this loss. She took time on Easter weekend to talk to me and give me positive messages and affirmation that Diesel was with my father. Karen had no idea that I had prayed over and over to my Dad and asked him to take care of Diesel. She confirmed that he heard everything I said. A HUGE thank you to both Karen and Kelly , you have enriched my life with your gifts. Love you both!

Kelly Besner

I am incredibly grateful to have received an in-depth past life regression session with Kelly. It is hard to describe the wholeness of well-being this experience has hugged me with. Kelly so naturally examined the elements of my past life and present life simultaneously in a way that patterns and behaviours from centuries ago were immediately relevant and validated. With simply setting an intention for the session, Kelly communicated with my soul and directly relayed all the exact information to me that I have been waiting to remember. Every message from Kelly was a message from my interconnected true self which meant I had the eternally healing opportunity to learn from the wisdom and ancestry of my own self. It allowed me a new level of appreciation, respect, and love for who I have developed into today and who I was every step along the way before. It has been the perfect interrelation of knowledge to continue on the path of finding peace, love, and acceptance with myself and throughout all life's obstacles to experience the beauty, freedom, and support of this lifetime! Kelly also accompanied the past life regression with an energetic healing session to support the experience, I really appreciated this and it really showed how much she cares and values her clients. I felt receptive and energized throughout and after the session and in the days that followed I have had a boost in energy especially for creativity and productivity. I experienced all of this through a phone call session very far away from North Bay, Ontario. I called in from a Caribbean island named Guadeloupe and I absolutely received everything that could possibly be provided in 1 hour of time! Allowing myself the opportunity to prioritize remembering and connecting with the residual elements and foundations to patterns I have been working at transforming has been a huge milestone in my healing journey and I highly recommend gifting yourself a session with Kelly as well! I really respect and am so grateful for the gifts that Kelly shares with this world; you can tell she loves what she does and she makes the experience so fun! It has made a significant difference in how I will be moving forward in this life. Thank you immensely from my whole self!

Johanna Mercedes

I wanted to thank you again, these past few months [of Life Coaching] have been incredible. At first I was a little scared of the process of becoming more emotionally intelligent. It was definitely intimidating, but you coached me through it, taught me some of the most valuable lessons and gave me an awesome tool kit to use moving forward. Not once did I feel like you were judging me or not meeting my needs in each session. I really appreciate the support you gave me the whole way. All of that to say, thank you for being an awesome coach, and for being someone who I feel safe with.


I can’t even put words to the accuracy of my sessions with Karen. She checks to make sure if she’s on track and makes sense. Not once did I have to say anything to realign her. Every single message that has been channeled could only have come from the other side. I honestly can’t put words to it. She channels the right message; it might not make sense to her but it will to you. I’ve even literally shouted a little “Oh my God!” and covering my mouth, that I did not expect for her to say what she did at all! It was spot on. She even went on to very precisely describe an injury I had, exactly where it hurt. I didn’t mention or ask about my injury. She channels the right messages. That is why I recommend them and come back when I need guidance. Highly recommended if you are looking for a spot on session and guidance. A big thank you Karen. You are truly gifted.

Melanie L

Kelly, I just want to thank you for our session today! It felt like I did a year of therapy! I'm going to rebook in a month! My sister did a session with you right after me and I'm seeing a whole new woman right now! My eyes fill with tears just knowing that because it's beautiful! And it's because of you! And her guides of course! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I have seen Karen and Kelly multiple times and they are both fantastic. They are respectful, kind and always super professional in their approach. I have seen many psychics but no one has been as accurate as The Sarlos... these ladies are the real deal! They are women of very high integrity. I never thought I’d be “spiritual enough” to try journeying, but with Karen’s help I was able to journey successfully and receive meaningful messages from my grandmother that recently passed away, as well as my dad that passed away when I was young. Over the years, I've had lots of channelling sessions with the Sarlos and in every session, we have heard from my dad's spirit. He died by his own hand when I was six years old and hearing from him through Karen and Kelly has been truly life changing. Their channelling has allowed me to move through different emotions around his death from confusion to anger to love and everything in between. Thanks to Karen and Kelly (and a lot of therapy) I've been able to move past his traumatic death and now feel like I have a relationship with his spirit. Needless to say, Karen and Kelly’s work has had a tremendous impact on my life. Thank you both!

Maïa M

Karen, you read my husband and I back in October and you were bang on with absolutely everything- you picked up on lower back, pancreas and shoulder pain, but both he and I didnt really think much of it. You told me to get adjusted and when I did sure enough those were my tough spots! I have been listening to your podcasts daily since our reading, from the beginning, and I wanted you to know you have opened up my eyes to change (people pleasing, work boundaries, anxieties etc.) and trusting my intuition! You both are such beautiful people and a great duo! Looking forward to continuing the podcasts and future readings from you guys!


Thank you once again for the session we had yesterday. As I mentioned I was so reluctant because I know everything I need is found within me. Our session didn’t feel like a traditional session someone might experience with a medical intuitive or someone gifted in your nature. It felt like “healing” and almost a sense of therapy as you utilized your gifts and abilities. Thank you! Last night I had my first good sleep in a month. I went to bed without anxiety and slept my entire night. Thank you for being the gem of a person you are - a beautifully remarkable soul✨


I began life coaching with Kelly Sarlo on a recommendation from a friend. I had recognized how much growth she had experienced and when we chatted, she raved about the difference it was making in her life. I was experiencing enormous challenges in my life, including my relationships with my fiance and my children. In fact, I was concerned my romantic relationship was nearing the end. Wanting to take the next right step, I booked my assessment with Kelly. I had no idea what to expect from life coaching. I imagined something along the lines of the stack of self-help books I had tried to read but never made it through. I felt comfortable, welcomed, and never judged from the first appointment as we made our way through the giant mess I had created. It was a match! Kelly and I reviewed plan options and booked the next appointment. I discovered so much about myself, my life, and my relationships. I became curious about what I enjoyed, how to set goals (and actually follow through), and how to start down the path to healthiness. I knew that it would be hard work and dedication, but I was excited for the first time in a really, really long time. Changes started to occur, and my relationships improved slowly over time. I have learned and developed many tools that have helped not only myself but also my entire family become healthy. I have improved my communication with my family, and my children have excitedly adopted many of the tools we have learned together(one of our faves is the emotional wheel). I have made significant improvements in my professional life as well. I can tell you that our lives have changed for the better in many ways. I always look forward to our sessions together. Kelly is a very skilled life coach. I have never had a conversation with her where she didn't provide valuable insight or feedback regarding a situation or question I had. She is supportive, knowledgeable. She is available between sessions by email or phone and is one of the best cheerleaders I have ever had. I am still working with Kelly on the next steps, and I look forward to what the future holds. If you're on the fence, I really encourage you to pick up the phone and make the call; I can tell you, it was the best call I have ever made.


Some of the most powerful transformational conversations I’ve ever had were with Karen.

P. Tremblay

A friend recommended Karen, so I was open minded about the appointment… and then completely blown away. Details about my beloved deceased mother that nobody would ever know about - to future events that she correctly predicted coming true for me, Karen is unbelievably connected to the spirit world. You will receive amazing accuracy down to finest detail. I could honestly write a book on her correct affirmations just for me.


I wanted to say how amazing I felt after our session today. You were so professional, kind & caring, relaying messages from my mom and dad, validating everything they said, things no one would ever know but me, asking if I had questions. You made today a very good day. Karen, [is a] a very special lady and I will call [her] again . To [her] and my spirit guides, thank you for the tools you gave me as well!